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As part of our business focus, we build, improve, train, and advise in the compliance (CMS) areas. We ensure the correctness and effectiveness of protection mechanisms and due diligence by top management. The system designed in such a way ensures compliance with business ethics, professional secrecy, information security, including GDPR, fraud detection, whistleblowers protection, anti-corruption programs, regulatory compliance with corporate governance principles, conflicts of interest management, financial activities, HR, etc.


Our services include:

  • implementing and improving the compliance system, based on ISO 37301:2021 and old version ISO19600:2010;

  • implementation and improvement of anti-corruption systems, including those based on ISO 37001 and COSO Fraud Risk Management;

  • implementing and improving partner rating systems in the supply chain;

  • implementation and improvement of the personal data protection system (GDPR);

  • compliance consulting;

  • regulatory compliance assessment or due diligence.

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