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In the current fast-changing and dynamic external environment and the need to adjust the activities of each organization to the changes taking place, manual activities of GRC management (Governance, Risk, Compliance), using standard office packages, pose many problems,
i.e .:

  • errors in data processing;

  • organizational ineffectiveness;

  • high personnel costs;

  • lack of current management information on the level of risk and compliance.


We help and support organizations in the selection, assessment, preparation and implementation of tools supporting GRC processes. We offer audit supervision over the implementation project.

The systemic integration of business and IT GRC is today a challenge for shareholders and managers. The constant pressure of legal and regulatory requirements, awareness of the risk, and the need for the dynamic development of the company lead to the use of people with certified knowledge and practice, in particularly complex projects. This is a guarantee of the success of projects and an expression of safe and responsible business.


Successful of your IT GRC project implementation i- it’s finally our effect. 

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