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New technologies


We help in the strategic design and adjustment of IT function activities to the requirements of the organization by creating an IT service management system. We select and adapt technologies to the needs of the organization so that their use, costs, and implementation method are tailor-made. We work with solution providers and choose technologies that are necessary to achieve the goals of the organization and meet its functional requirements and budget constraints, for example: blockchain., AI, IoT.  We act as project managers, represent the Employer in Steering Committees, advise, negotiate, and transform organizations into 4.0 organizations.


Our services include:

  • building an IT strategy;

  • implementing and improving IT service management systems, including based on ISO 20000 and ITIL;

  • lean IT implementation;

  • consultancy in the field of technological solutions;

  • conducting and consulting in the area of ​​IT projects;

  • transformation of organizations into organizations based on the information and digital agility.

  • designing and implementation blockchain or artificial intelligence into internal processes.

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