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Virtual services


It's a type of service that allows our company to provide services in day-to-day operational, support, and advisory processes in the B2B online model. The areas covered by virtual services are internal audit, cybersecurity, personal data protection, risk management, IT security, business continuity, control, compliance, and others - defined by clients' needs.


Virtual services do not differ from an in-house specialist's services, except in the form of payment. We perform the function virtually as effectively as internal in-house employees. We take part in meetings, conferences, participate in task teams, cooperate in the implementation of strategic projects and programs, and perform roles based on virtualized information and internal communication principles. The advantage of the service is the sharing of knowledge, the presence of qualified specialists, and the rationalization of costs. We provide "virtual" services with the help of internationally certified specialists.

Our services include:

  • virtual CISO / CISO as a service;

  • virtual DPO / DPO as a service;

  • virtual Compliance Officer / Compliance Officer as a service;

  • ​virtual Risk Officer / Risk Officer as a service;

    • key responsibilities will be to ensure:
      •    Implementation and maintenance of risk/IT risk management policy          and risk/IT risk management framework
      •    Training internal employees in risk/IT risk management
      •    Support business & IT operations on how to identify, assess and                mitigate risks/IT risks
      •    Prepare and continuously maintain the current IT risk picture
      •    Prepare management reporting
      •    Facilitate quarterly meetings for, and report business & IT risks to             Risk/IT Risk Committee

  • ​​virtual internal auditor / internal auditor as a service;

  • virtual Third-Party Risk Officer / Supply Chain Risk Officer (as a services).

  • virtual Projec Manager (vPM). vPM have been present on the market for a long time, usually responsible for the implementation of construction, engineering, IT & telecommunications projects. vPM role is primarily focused on planning, delegating and overlooking the work of the project team and overall monitoring, so that set goals, based on specific criteria, are met within the specified time scale and budget. As competent vPM we understand all individual project stages, knows how to plan and supervise them, as well as ensure quality and risk management throughout the implementation. They will also regularly report to the designated project committee.

  • virtual Management Consultant (vMC). vMC primarily focuses on improving organizational performance by analyzing the existing challenges and developing plans for improvement. We are well-educated, talented experts with good analytical thinking. Clients can benefit from their extensive bench-marking data, review of market practices, view across your industry, and experience from similar projects. 

  • virtual Contractor. vC will have technical or other specialist skills and will have the ability to deliver complex projects quickly, on budget, and to specification. They are more tactically focused than strategic and are able to follow clear project briefs, workflows, and ready-made tasks rather than design a program of work from scratch. Many have the ability to deliver complex projects and adapt quickly to a variety of cultures.

  • Risk Analysis as a Services

We offer:

Accommodation to business culture
Long term cooperation across multiple projects and sectors
Transparently built relations based on trust and fair play
Flexible working hours

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